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Planning a family reunion and Vero Beach hotels -- a closer look

So you're looking at planning a family reunion or you've already been chosen as the organizer for the first or the next one. Vero Beach hotels may be something you should consider when planning your family reunion. What I'm going to do in this article is explain to you how a smaller hotel may be preferable if your family reunion is not to large. There are approxiamately 200,000 reunions each year and they average about 50 people each.

Reasons for a Family Reunion

Vero Beach hotels - Office with hibiscusThere are many reasons to have a family reunion. The first of which is to get members of the family to keep in touch and meet each other every once in a while. The second most common reason was to get children to learn about the family heritage and the third reason was to bring everyone together before a family elder passed away. Many family reunions happen to be initiated during a funeral. It's far better to have the reunion under happy circumstances rather than when someone has died. Another common place for a reunion to be initiated is at a wedding when family tends to get together in celebration of a couple's union. Whatever your reason for initiating a family reunion we want to be your destination.

Here at the Sea Spray Inn we do host family reunions and if yours is near the average we can work with that. We can accommodate up to 46 people when you reserve the whole hotel. If your party is about that size then we may be the perfect fit. Since there are other hotels within walking distance even if you have more than that number you may wish to look at us for your central location. We are right next to South Beach Park which is a great public beach access park. We're about a mile south from a very nice shopping district and about a mile and a half from grocery shopping.

Vero Beach Hotels - KitchenAll our suites are equipped with kitchens so you can prepare food right here. We can arrange for most extras you may need. For our last reunion we arranged for a large grill to be set up to help accomadate all the food preparation that a reunion entails. There is also a nice pizza parlor just around the corner so one of your meals could be a pizza party. The nice thing about each person having their own kitchen is that if all meals are not shared everyone can prepare their own meals. The independent kitchens also make it so that you could still do a potluck even if people are traveling from afar. In a regular hotel room you are limited in your options.

Main Family Reunion Planning Tips

The four main things to keep in mind when planning a family reunion are: first off - have a plan; second give yourself plenty of time and notify others early also; third you should have a budget in mind and how to meet a budget; and lastly have plenty of food planned. If you have volunteered or been assigned the task of planning a family reunion don't try and do it all yourself. Get others involved and share the chores both in the planning stage and during the reunion itself. Be sure and plan lots of activities and plan something for everyone. With that in mind also remember don't try and plan every second. Let people do what they want for some blocks of time. Communication to all participants and especially others helping in the planning stages helps make any family reunion go better.

When your family reunion actually happens be sure and urge everyone to bring family photos. At some point during the family reunion set aside some time for everyone to bring their pictures out and to share stories. It is also a good idea to have some sort of souvenir, such as a t-shirt, from the family reunion designed and prepared for participants. You could even encourage anyone interested in the family reunion to submit a design and then take elements from the different designs to create a unique design that incorporates many of the family members inputs. This makes the family reunion both personal and community oriented.

One thing everyone planning a family reunion needs to know about and plan for is that you will never have 100% attendance. Set the time for your reunion well in advance and do not change the time to accommodate one person. The reason for this is that once the time to set you'll need to make reservations well ahead of schedule because it isn't easy to reserve an entire hotel only a few months ahead of schedule. The other reason you shouldn't change the date is because if you do it for one person someone else will want it done for them also and this can create extreme stress.

It needs to be decided early on how big the reunion will be. Is it going to be all relatives of a certain set of grandparents or every relative from the great-grandparents wheather by marriage or blood? You need to decide just where the boundaries are or it could be way more than you could handle. It is recommended to start smaller if it is your first reunion. It is a lot easier if you have the whole hotel reserved than to have a small block of rooms in a large hotel.

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Some of the comments from our last reunion were that they "had the best one ever here". The main reason was because they had the whole place rented. We have 17 rooms and it is the perfect size for the average reunion. The organizer had done them before and was always a bit put out by the larger hotels because they could not take over the whole pool or barbeque area. There were none of those issues here. They had the beach just a short walk away, the roof-top deck for gathering and the pool was all theirs. It made the whole experience more relaxed knowing their party wasn't interferring with some unknown guests vacation.

There are plenty of other activities that can be planned here also. You could plan a sailing trip or a deep-sea fishing day. If all goes well on a fishing trip you could have a fish-fry. There is horseback riding up the road and kayak or boat rentals. The shopping a mile up the coast is great and the dining options are numerous. For reunion activities or planning you may want to check out The Reunion Planner or Fun & Games for Family Gatherings. Those books give a thorough account of the chosen subject. For a few good articles and ideas see these links also:

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Thinking About a Reunion?

For any help with local activities give us a call and we will see what can be arranged. You may want to come for a couple days and check us out well in advance so you can see what our property is like. We will do all we can to help you plan once you decide we are the place. If you are the planner, once the reunion is over, you may want to stay a day extra and get a massage when all has quieted down. We have a great contact for an excellent massuse to help unwind from the excellent family reunion you just pulled off. We are here to help you with your Vero Beach, Florida Family Reunion plans.

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