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Finding the Best Florida Vacation Spots for Great Florida Beach Vacations

You're looking on the web trying to find the best Florida vacation spots where you can have Florida beach vacations. Since this is what you're looking for you obviously won't be going to the center of the state. Otherwise you would be typing in something to do with Disney. Now here in Vero Beach we do have a Disney hotel resort. But that's not what you're after, you want a beach vacation, not big mice.

So what do most people find when there looking for beach hotels and places to stay? Usually you will hear about Clearwater, or Siesta key. Maybe you'll hear about Panama best beaches in florida are in vero beachCity or Daytona Beach. Those four places are really great, if you love crowds. I actually like the beach by Panama City, but I also happen to like waves and there aren't too many there. That actually happens to be the case for all the Gulf beaches. Now Daytona Beach can have waves and crowds, but the water isn't that pretty. Here in Vero Beach, we can have very nice water. We can have waves and the water doesn't feel like a bathtub in the summer. Most days it's actually refreshing. By refreshing, I mean, in the low 80s not the 90s like in Naples or Siesta Key. Have you ever tried to cool off in water that is 90 degrees? It just isn't refreshing at all.

A great vacation spot isn't just about the beaches, although that is a big part of it. It also has to do with what other things you can find to do in the area and Vero Beach has a lot of other things to offer a vacationer. If you want to visit the Kennedy space Center, that's a short drive north. If you want to go horseback riding that's available in this area. Want to rent your own boat and go scooting around the intercoastal waterway. You can do it. Maybe you want someone else to handle the boat and all you want to do is go deep-sea fishing. It can be arranged through several different sources and we will be glad to set that up for you. Give us a little advanced notice and we can arrange any of these activities for you.

Do you like golf? We have some really nice near courses here in Vero Beach. Like to play tennis,vero-beach-hotel-tennis-florida-vacations30 we can arrange that for you. Maybe you really like going to live theater. It's here. Shopping? One mile up the road from where we are located there is some of the nicest shopping around. Anything from high end linens to fine kitchenware. Of course you have beach T-shirt shops, fancy dining establishments, exclusive jewelry stores, and almost anything else you can think of.

The Sea Spray Inn is located on the barrier island, and we are just steps from the ocean. But if you go over the bridge to the mainland. You have all the big box stores you could want all the fast food restaurants and chain restaurants you can think of. Even though Vero Beach is not a very large Metropolitan area. We do have just about everything you will need. Right here near the Sea Spray Inn there are several of Vero Beach's best restaurants and a great pizzeria. Those are all within walking distance. With all that nearby we are still in a quiet section of the island.

Now those are the things that have to do with what is outside of the hotel. When you're planning a Florida beach vacation you also need certain things at a hotel. While we are not a large hotel nor a chain, we do provide quite a bit. Which means you'll have to pack less. We provide boogie boards, beach umbrellas and beach towels. We have a barbecue in the courtyard. We can loan you fishing poles and we have bicycles if you want to just cruise around the area. We also have a heated pool, if you're here in winter. And our landscaping is tropical and very relaxing. We have an second-story deck for lounging on in the afternoons or evenings.

Sea Spray Inn one of the Best Florida Vacation Spots for your Florida Beach Vacations

Another thing that makes our Vero beach hotel, a serious contender is the fact that we have kitchenettes in all of our rooms. And I don't mean a 2 1/2 foot tall refrigerator and a tiny little microwave. That's what they give you at some of the chains. We actually have Apartment size refrigerators, electric stoves, coffeemakers and all the pots, pans, dishes and silverware that you will need to do any cooking you would like. This alone can save you $30-$60 a day easily. We also have free local and long distance phone calls, cable TV and high-speed Internet access.

bch1-vero-beach-hotels-near-the-best-beaches-in-florida30Our location is also ideal. Vero Beach is the one town on the Treasure Coast that has everything you need and also has great beaches. It is not a crowded area and is not a location that is "The" beach for a major metropolitan area. At the Sea Spray Inn we are right next to the parking for South Beach Park. This park is one of the best beach access parks in the area. The reason I consider it one of the best is because the beaches here are much wider than any of the other public beach parks in the region. This beach has lifeguards 7 days a week. The beaches just north of here, near the shopping, can have only 10 to 20 yards of beach at high tide. Some of the hotels up there have only 10 feet of beach at high tide. The only other beach with a nice wide beach like this is Avalon State Park, which is south of here about 5 miles. However there is no hotel nearby. There is actually nothing around Avalon state park except, the park itself.

So with all the things considered in this article, here at the Sea Spray Inn feel we are one of the best Florida vacation spots. So when planning your Florida Beach vacations, be sure and consider our little hotel the Sea Spray Inn, as one of your choices. Give us a call make a reservation. Once you stay, you'll be back.


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